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Taxi in Cancun or Los Cabos

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    Some Refreshments for Your Arrival
    Pick up optional cold drinks for your arrival for better than at airport prices
    Bottle of Corona Beer$5.00
    Bottle of Water$2.00
    Bottle of Coca-Cola$2.00
    Bottle of Diet Coke$2.00
    Bottle of Sprite$2.00
    Extra Safety Options
    Child Seat$10.00
    Booster Seat$10.00
    Infant Child Seat$12.95
    Nice Touch
    Dozen of Red Roses$50.00
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    Please provide a traveler name that we should put on the welcome banner (if you are paying with credit card it must be the credit card holder). If you want to customize welcome banner you can do so by contacting us after the booking.

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    We require at least 3 hours in advance and full prepayment for same-day services.


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    We support 3D Secure payments

    We will ask to you to sign a voucher, so, cardholder must be one of the passengers having this card present.

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    In confirmation e-mail you will find complete instructions how to locate us on your transfer day (it’s easy!) as well as some handy phone numbers.

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